How to unlock DVDFab passkey expiration, such as registry, and continue using it for free!

DVD copy software DVDFab 13 ” can be used easily even for beginners. With a powerful copy guard release function, you can remove the copy guard installed on almost all DVD / BD discs. It is very popular among users who love optical disc media.

DVDFab 13 ” has a great function, but the software itself is expensive, so I want to use it for free if possible.

So this time, we will explain how to continue using DVDFab 13 for free after it expires.

About the free tier of DVDFab 13

DVDFab is a software with rich functions such as copying, ripping, and burning of DVDs and BDs. Anyway, it has a reputation for completely removing copy protection, which is the biggest obstacle when handling DVD and Blu-ray disc data.

On October 13, 2023, DVDFab 13 was released, and DVDFab 13 , like DVDFab 11, offers a 30-day free trial, but the number of tasks you can try is extremely limited, up to 3 times. In this way, the long 30-day trial period seems meaningless.

Older versions of DVDFab 11 have a 30-day free trial with unlimited number of tasks.

Therefore, if you do not buy expensive products and your subscription plan or free trial version expires, there is a lot of search on the net for ways to continue using DVDFab 11 for free.

Another way to use the core function of copy protection removal for free – DVDFab HD Decrypter

If you want to use DVDFab’s powerful copy protection removal feature for free at any time, you can continue to use it even after your free trial or paid subscription ends.

Instead of illegal methods, you can use the official version of the free tool ” DVDFab HD Decrypter ” provided by DVDFab.

Since it is a free tool, there are several functions, but if you remove copy protection, you can do it for free.

The copy function is available only for “Full Disk” and “Main Movie.”

Copy protection can be released for DVD / BD discs released more than a year ago. (It seems that the latest released DVD / BD cannot be released.)

ISO creation is not available by default writing.Only “dvdfab9” can not be used without “dvdfab11.” Detailed functions such as custom and division cannot be used.

As a solution, you can take further processing with completely free open source tools that can handle DVD / BD data. For example, tools such as VidCoder and HandBrake.

In the following items, we will explain in more detail the features that can be used even if they have expired. If you want to continue using the free version without purchasing it, please refer to it.

Inconvenience of “DVDFab HD Decrypter”

You can release copy protection only for DVDs and BD discs released more than a year ago.

You cannot use other functions built-in DVDFab. It is very inconvenient for disk data processing. You need to use other free software together.

How to use DVD HD Decrypter

DVDFab HD Decrypter ” is actually one option inside DVDFab software . Unlike other paid options, it is free.

If only this option is active, only

Copy: two copy modes, full disk and main movie

Ripping / Video Conversion: It can convert to MKV and MP4, but the output resolution is limited. (MP4 can only output 480P at maximum.)

How to use copy mode

Launch DVDFab and select the copy function.

Press the arrow mark below it and select the desired copy mode from Full Disc or Main Movie.

Insert the DVD or Blu-ray you want to copy into the drive.

If you are using an iso file or folder, click the “+” button in the center of the screen to add it.

Next, set the output size, but since there is no compression function, select DVD 9 or BD 50 .

Click the folder icon to set the destination and press the “Start” button.

How to use DVD and Blu-ray ripping

Even if the free trial version has expired, the ripping function can be used.

First, select the output format you want to convert.

If you want to make a device-compatible video format, select the model you want to support from the ripping module.

Select Rip and insert a DVD or Blu-ray into the drive.

Click “+” on the main screen to add files.

“Select Other Titles” allows you to set the main screen title, chapter, audio, subtitles, etc.

After entering the file, click the wrench icon to make detailed settings for the output video .

Even though the free version has fewer features, you can trim and rotate videos , adjust screen brightness, and edit them.

Click the file icon to set the destination of the output video, and when all settings are completed, press the “Start” button to start the DVD or Blu-ray ripping process.

DVDFab Expiration Prevention: Buy Paid Version Products

The strength of DVDFab lies in its copy protection removal ability and fast processing. If you own a lot of old DVDs and Blu-rays, the free version of DVDFab may be enough. However, the free version cannot remove the latest DVD copy protection, so if you want to copy new adult DVDs and the latest DVDs fast without restriction, it is recommended to upgrade to the paid version.

DVDFab features and differences between free and paid versions

functionFunction descriptionDVDFab HD Decrypler (no material version)DVDFab All-in-One (paid version)
DVD CopyDVD ⇒ Blank DVD / ISO / folder (no deterioration / compression), also supports recording DVDDVD ⇒ Blank DVD / ISO / Folder

Only supports DVDs from one year ago, only two types of copy protection,

IMGBurn is required to burn to a blank DVD

DVD ⇒ Blank DVD / ISO / No folder limit

Also supports the latest DVD and adult DVD, Cinavia removal is also possible

DVD RipDVD / ISO / folder ⇒ MP4 / MKV / MP3 / WMV… more than 600 types, video trimming possibleDVD / ISO / Folder ⇒ MP4 / MKV only

Image quality is 480p

DVD / ISO / folder ⇒ MP4 / MKV / MP3 / WMV… more than 600 types, no restrictions on image quality, etc.
Blu-ray copyBD ⇒ Blank BD / ISO / Folder (no deterioration / compression)BD ⇒ Blank BD / ISO / Folder

Only supports BD one year ago, only two types of copy guard,

IMGBurn is required to bake to blank BD

BD ⇒ Blank BD / ISO / Folder Unlimited

Compatible with the latest BD and adult BD, Cinavia removal is also possible

Blu-ray RipperBD / ISO / folder ⇒ MP4 / MKV / MP3 / WMV… more than 600 types, video trimming possibleDVD / ISO / Folder ⇒ MP4 / MKV only

Image quality is 480p

DVD / ISO / folder ⇒ MP4 / MKV / MP3 / WMV… more than 600 types, no restrictions on image quality, etc.
The animation changeAnimation ♂ Animation ・ Sound

Sound ≠ Sound

More than 1000 types

※ This feature has already been migrated to Unifab in DVDFab 13

The animation of MP4/MKVConvert video and audio freely without restrictions
DVD/BD creationBurn MP4 and other videos to DVD and Blu-ray
AI Animation /Photo ProcessingUsing AI, you can improve the image quality of videos, convert photos into manga, and beautify them with one click. * This feature has already been migrated to Unifab in DVDFab 13
Disk conversionBD⇒DVD/UHD


UHDUHD Copy / Rip / Create
BD Recorder Copy / RippingCopy BDAV, convert to MP4, etc.
4K recorder copy / ripCopy recording to 4K BDAV, convert to MP4, etc.

DVDFab All-in-One (Recommended)

DVDFab program includes 25 products, including DVD Copy / Ripper / Create, Blu-ray Copy / Ripper / Create, UHD Copy / Ripper / Create, DVD to Blu-ray, UHD Converter, Cinavia Removal, Data Recovery, 4K and Recorder Blu-ray Copy / Ripper (including some AI products).

And you can choose DVD Copy, Blu-ray Copy, DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Ripper and Video Converter according to your needs.

How to purchase DVDFab perpetual license

As mentioned earlier, DVDFab has dozens of single items, so when you buy DVDFab, you can buy a single item or buy an all-in-one that covers all functions. Of course, in terms of economy, the best way to buy is to buy DVDFab All-in-One.

If you want to buy DVDFab All-in-One, you can hit the buy button on the product page or buy it in the store. However, the best recommendation is to buy it on the sale page . There are plenty of extras.

By the way, if it is a single item, it is divided into a one-month license, a one-year license, and a permanent license, but DVDFab All-in-One has only a purchase version.

For a subscription, it’s better to use the DVDFab 365 service . You can use all DVDFab products (including passkeys, players, etc.) by renewing once a year.

How to deauthorize DVDFab expiration: deauthorize Passkey registry (dangerous!)

It is important to comply with the official support and licensing terms and conditions for how to terminate DVDFab. We recommend that you purchase a legitimate license from the DVDFab official website and get the appropriate support to solve the problem in a legitimate way.

However, as a general information, we will explain about deauthenticating the Passkey registry key.

How to deauthorize a Passkey registry key

Attention point

The following steps assume that you have knowledge of common registry operations. Please do so with caution, as incorrect operations may adversely affect your system.

Launch Registry Editor :

Press Win + R on your keyboard to open the Run dialog.

Type regedit and press enter.

Registry key backup :

After the Registry Editor opens, it is recommended to take a backup of the registry before making any changes.

Right-click the key you want to edit from the left pane and choose Export to save the backup.

Find the Passkey registry key :

In the Registry Editor, look for the Passkey-related key, like the one below (given as an example, but the actual key may differ): HKEY _ LOCAL _ MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ DVDFab\ Passkey

Delete registry key :

Follow the path above and when you find the corresponding key, right-click the key and select “Delete.”

Restarting the system :

Restart the system to apply the changes.

How to delete the streamfab registry and make it permanently available

StreamFab is a very convenient software for downloading music and videos, but the free version has a usage restriction that “you can download only up to 3 videos.” However, by deleting the registry, this restriction can be removed…

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Pay attention

Manipulating the registry can have a significant impact on your system, so do so at your own risk.

In order to receive official support, it is recommended to purchase a regular license.

Avoiding Soph’s license in an unauthorized manner violates the law and can be punishable.